Deluxe Cat Groom

  • Nail trimming
  • Ear cleaning & removal of most of the hair inside the ear
  • Sanitary shave around the privates
  • Removal of hair on the bottom of the paws
  • A bath specially designed just for cats
  • A deluxe groom (haircut) with the style of your choice
  • A full brush out to remove any loose or dead hair

All cats must be handed to the groomer in their crate or carry case. We do not do grooming inside homes.

Our pet groomers are all experienced with the different breeds, looks & styles!

For example: One of the most popular styles is call the “Lion Cut”, which people mostly ask for, for their cat. Dogs can also have this style as well. Another popular dog grooming style is called the “Puppy Cut”. You will work with your groomer to decide what style is best for your cat (cats) or dog (dogs).gato-gris-que-miente-delante-del-fondo-blanco-22629426